Ita-Mals Ita Bag Backpack Ron Red Fox


This is for our Orange fox itabag named Ron!

As seen on kickstarter! ( We are now open for preorders! Choose from 9 adorable styles and customize your backpack how you choose! Show off what youre into!

All bags are faux leather style backpacks with two zippered sections. The front has the transparent vinyl (regular on all the bags except for sparkle on the pink fox and purple bat) to display whatever you’d like, or just to use as a normal pocket! There is an bigger zipper pocket which has a small zipper pocket inside for storing valuables. They stand at 16” tall, 10" wide at cheeks, and 8" wide at the belly, depth is 5". The straps are adjustable for any size person! The hardware is matching the faux leather color color with two zippers on the outside. Bags are big enough to fix school books, iPads, small laptops, so they are made for any age!

Reviews (2)


The store owner is a fabulous individual and I am happy to have gotten the chance to buy one of their awesome Ita-Mals bags from them. The bag is well crafted and pretty sizable too. I love the product and have plans of collecting a bag for the species of each of my main fursonas! <3

I am very happy with this bag! There are some loose threads that need to be cut but isn’t a big deal, also I was expecting a thicker foam piece for the pins but is just a 2mm cut out. Maybe have a 4mm option for enamel pins but I need to test if the 2mm is enough which it should be. Price definitely worth it, is way larger than I anticipated and love that!

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