Anxiety Fox Ita-mals


Here you have a for an anxiety fox (created by @naomiromeroart, found at @anxietyfox) as a ita-mals backpack! This fun loving and adored character can now be the itabag for you!

All bags are faux leather style backpacks with two zippered sections. The front has the transparent vinyl used to display whatever you’d like, or just to use as a normal pocket! There is an bigger zipper pocket which has a small zipper pocket inside for storing valuables. They stand at 16” tall, 10" wide at cheeks, and 8" wide at the belly, depth is 5". The straps are adjustable for any size person!

The hardware is matching the faux leather color color with two zippers on the outside. Bags are big enough to fix school books, iPads, small laptops, so they are made for any age!

Straps will be a black color as well as the top handle. The rest of the bag will be white.

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